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Signs & Wonders

"Unless you people see signs and wonders," Jesus told him, "you will never believe." John 4:48 After leaving Judea, Jesus once again returns to Galilee. People in the region were now very familiar with Jesus. They had heard stories from the Passover Festival, many witnessed him turning water into wine in Cana, others knew the stories of people being healed. The Galileans welcomed him. But upon hearing the news that Jesus had once again arrived in Cana, a man decided to leave his home, and his dying son in Capernum and travel to see Jesus. The walk was easily an entire days hike, probably 20-25 miles. It would be like walking from Greenville High School to Troy High School, and by the end your legs would be on fire because you would mostly be walking uphill because Capernum is by the sea. This was a well traveled route. The Bible says that Jesus and his disciples traveled this area many times. But we know on this particular day there was only one royal official heading to see Jesus... rather beg Jesus to heal his dying son.

Could you leave to find Jesus... knowing that your son may die while you are away? Have you ever been so desperate to see a sign from God that you miss the sign? Have you ever been so clouded by fear that it magnifies to the point you miss the Creator of the Universe working on your behalf?

This royal official wasn't a sign seeker... he was a Savior seeker. He didn't need to see the miracle... He trusted Jesus's word that his son was healed. As a matter of fact, the man's son began feeling better while he was walking back to Capernum.

Friends let us not be a seeker of signs, instead let us be a seeker of a Savior. Being a lover of Jesus's power isn't the same thing as being a lover of Jesus's person!

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