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EUM groups are a God-formed community of people engaged in meaningful conversations about faith.


We were created for authentic relationships, and our lives are enriched by sharing them with others. When we spend intentional time together, we experience God working in our lives in real ways. Our prayer is that you will never be the same as God transforms you into the person He knew you would become as you follow Jesus. If this sounds like something you want – then groups are for you!

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We believe at EUM that we are Better Together, and one way we do this is through LifeGroups - a safe place to pursue a deeper relationship with God alongside other Christ-Centered EUMers. God intended for us to live in community and be in relationship with each other. LifeGroups are a fantastic way to grow in your faith, have a lot of fun, and gain friends who become family!


Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for growth and transformation. There are LifeGroups for everyone – couples, women, men, and young people.  Or mix it up and be in a LifeGroup with others at varying stages of life! If you’d like to start or participate in a LifeGroup, contact Pastor Nick or Annie Middlestetter at 937-548-3211.

Why join a LifeGroup?

Two great reasons:

1. They are wonderful places to develop lifelong Christ-centered relationships.

2. You will experience growth in your
relationship with Jesus as you pursue him alongside of your LifeGroup.


How is a LifeGroup different from a Bible study or one of the other adult study groups at EUM?

Our Bible studies and other adult study groups tend to be short-term in nature (most typically run anywhere from 6-12 weeks.), focus around a specific topic. LifeGroups commit to meet for a longer period of time and are not necessarily focused around a specific topic.

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